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Xbox One Players Are Delighted About The Xbox One Fall Update

The Xbox One Fall Update has gone live. With the console getting one of it’s biggest UI overhauls in a while, the console definitely has a lot to like about.

A Twitter poll done by Xbox’s official Twitter account reveals an amazing division between Xbox One Players. Xbox’s Official account asked players what they’re most excited about in the latest update. Here’s what they tweeted:

What are you the most excited about in the #XboxOne fall update?

To which many fans took their side on the three options provided by Microsoft in the poll. The results were intriguing with 34% voting for Personalizing Content, 35% for it’s faster UI navigation and 32% for Dark and Light UI modes.

This is indeed an amazing poll showcasing how the community is divided on the new features and improvements that came along with them. The poll recorded votes from over 6,016 Xbox players from the community.

This is important as Microsoft has been taking a lot of the community feedback into account. This simply shows how much the Xbox community is appreciating the new Xbox One Fall Update that is now live today. If you own an Xbox One, go and update it to enjoy the new improvements packed into the Fall Update. To read about the improvements, read our article about the new features coming in the new Xbox One Fall Update right here.

All eyes should be set towards the release of the Xbox One X coming next month on the 7th of November that packs 6TFLOPs of raw power and promises to deliver the true 4K HDR gaming experience this holiday.

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