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iPhone X Pre-Orders Are Up In Malaysia For $1540

The Only Silver Apple That Inflates Its Price!

Every year is seems like Apple is going to hit a new record in terms of their Malaysian pricing strategy. Apple has been increasing the prices of their smartphones every year, and Apple’s 2017 flagships, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, do follow the same trait, but in an explosive manner.

Last month, Apple announced the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the iPhone X where the most exciting announcement costed many fans to draw their jaws. Not only were the rumors proven to be true but the $999 price tag frightened many fans.

Coming over to the market here in Malaysia, it seems like the current pre-order pricing is simply horrendous. If many fans thought that Apple’s official pricing for the iPhone X was ridiculous enough, then think again. Many major smartphone sellers have listed the iPhone X up for pre-orders. What’s horrendous is that these sellers are asking RM6549 from early grabbers of the iPhone X. What’s noteworthy is that that Hong Kong imported sets are also available for US $1449. That’s over 50% of the American pricing for the iPhone X. Despite Malaysia’s recent improvements in its economy compared to USD, we expected something within the line of what Apple Malaysia seems to be offering for the iPhone X.

iPhone X White Official Promotion Image
The iPhone X

While Apple has revealed the pricing for the iPhone X starting in at RM5,149 / US $1219, it seems like there’s no way to get the iPhone X from them at the moment unless users opt-in for online stores such as Lazada and 11street which are Amazon’s equivalents here in Malaysia.

Malaysians now do expect for a higher than usual price from their favorite smartphones. However, this high of a price high is simply unacceptable.

All I hope is for Malaysian pricing to come down as soon as possible and not a gradual price decrease over 2018. Especially with Samung reducing the price of the Note 8 significantly within these few months in Malaysia, I would expect Apple to do the same in the new few upcoming months.

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