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Super Mario Odyssey Retakes First Place In Japan, While Switch Consistently Dominates

Nintendo has been doing exceptionally well. With fans eager to finally get a hold of Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch, enthusiasts continue to pickup the title all over the world quenching their thirst and and enthusiasm for the plumber.

Despite Call Of Duty WWII’s massive success a week prior disrupting Super Mario Odyssey sales, it seems like the title has recovered and has taken first place on Japanese title sales. While both titles did extremely well at neck and neck sales numbers, it’s intriguing to see Call Of Duty World WWII stick so close to Nintendo’s sale charts. Usually we would have expected a drop in sales a week after the release of the title, but nonetheless it seems like its going to hold up for a while longer. Here’s the week long rankings from Japan through November 6 – November 12, 2017.

Rank Model Title Sales
1 Switch Super Mario Odyssey 73, 315
2 PS4 Call of Duty World War II 67,044
3 Switch Splatoon 2 23,130
4 PS4 Need for speed Payback 20,964
5 Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 14,027
6 PS4 Assassin’s Creed Origins 11,051
7 PS4 ARK: Survival Evolved 10, 253
8 3DS Girls Mode 4 Star ☆ Stylist 9,650
9 PS4 .hack // GU Last Recode 6,659
10 PS4 Sonic Force 5,938

Taking a look at the hardware sales as reported by Media Create, Nintendo seems to be continuously dominating the hardware market nine months into its release. Followed by Sony’s PlayStation 4, Sony continues to rake in profit in Japan four years into its release of its consoles. Some pretty strong content from Japan indeed.

Model Sales Count
Switch 79, 958
PS4 20,021
New 2DS LL 10, 323
New 3DS LL 7,296
PS4 Pro 6,037

With 2017 ending, there’s a ton lot we could expect from Nintendo and Sony as they part ways in different directions despite their competition. Both Sony and Nintendo are trying to cater their audiences. With Sony differentiating itself with exclusive and an affordable VR experience, both Sony and Microsoft have some serious rivalry ahead for 2018 and ahead. Exciting numbers indeed.

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