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Need For Speed Payback Gets Its Final Launch Trailer

After a trail of news, hype and discussion, EA is preparing to launch Need For Speed Payback within the next five days. With EA finally committing to fixing the community’s issues with past Need For Speed titles, EA’s Need For Speed Payback is one that would allow the Need For Speed franchise to flourish again.

Previously, we’ve reported a number of details regarding Need For Speed:Payback, and it now seems like its about to come to an end as we finally see the title hitting stores next week.

Featuring a seemingly intriguing storyline along with an excellent planned out course, it seems like EA has planned well for the release of the title. Need For Speed Payback would be making its way onto the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC along with a host of improvements for Sony and Microsoft’s new buffed up consoles that tout 4k HDR support. While that’s something that time would tell how well EA optimised their title for these new consoles, the concerning factor with every PC release is if EA would pull off a stable release for PC gamers.

Here’s EA’s launch trailer prior to the release of NFS:Payback.

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