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[Updated] NFS Payback Players Discover How To Free Roam Online

One of the critical aspects Need For Speed: Payback lacks is an online free roam mode. A mode that allows you to connect to a host of players, challenge them and take your gameplay to the next level when accompanied by your best buddies.

While early reviews of Need For Speed Payback aren’t that favorable, EA is watching and taking in all of the feedback from the gaming community, at least that’s what they said on Twitter. A Reddit post made its way onto the internet demonstrating how players could jump into an online free roam session with their buddies. While free-roam is definitely a possibility, it seems like, for some reason, EA decided to pull away from it. With fans eager to play the game with their friends, we finally have an unofficial way of jumping into an online free-roam session with your buddies as outlined by BlackPanthaa.

If you do make a public speedlist and do manage to find the last player, an employee from Ghost Games has clarified that the speedlist would begin if its full.

I want to clarify some things on this.

When you go into a Speedlist the server will start matchmaking you with people. Once the required amount of people have been found the Speedlist will begin.

Once you’re in an event you can however quit out of the event, which will put you back into a ‘free-roam’ state, at this point Snapshot Pro will be available.

At the start of the next event, you will be pulled into back into it. – /u/F8RGE

While it is pretty disappointing to see what early gameplays of the game are revealing, I do believe that EA would make the best of their time and get the game upto fans expectations. Not only does the game has a few issues with the plot, but the title is experiencing technical issues as well. Let’s hope EA fixes this ASAP. Thankfully, I didn’t pre-order the game.

The game is set to release within the next 48 hours to the masses. And with EA taking feedback ‘seriously’, I hope they fix the game ASAP and take a lot of fan feedback into account.

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