OnePlus Reveals The OnePlus 5T, Slight Meaningful Tweaks All Around

OnePlus has finally revealed their latest and greatest smartphone thats on par with the rest of the top-end competition of 2017. The company has found itself gaining a ton of traction since its first release in 2013 when the company used to call its flagships, the “Flagship Killer”, while the only factor that allowed it to justify its name was the pricing of these phones. With this release being OnePlus’s 7th release into its lineup of smartphones, the company doesn’t seem to be calming down anytime soon. With 2017 rolling in, the company found itself in a “2016” spot where brands like Samsung, LG and Xiaomi had embraced bezel-less displays on their smartphones.

With the company confirming to showoff its OnePlus 5T yesterday, it seems like the company has taken a number of steps to make the phone even better for its existing audience. The company has definitely built upon an enthusiast-driven community where OnePlus could take actual feedback from its users. With the original OnePlus 5 lacking the 2017 vibe, the OnePlus 5T tries to bring is what the community wanted from OnePlus with the 5T. So here’s some of the key features and points the new OnePlus 5T comes with.

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Three OnePlus 5T Smartphones Oxygen OS side by side
The OnePlus 5T from OnePlus bringing an updated 2017 design.

Key Features Of The OnePlus 5T

  • The OnePlus 5T sports the same internals as the OnePlus 5T.
  • Some apparent changes include the fingerprint scanner’s shift from the front of the phone, towards the back.
  • OnePlus has removed the telephoto lens in favor of a new 20MP low-light centric sensor, Sony IMX376K. The primary camera sensor remains untouched
  • The OnePlus 5T finally gets an excellent 6″ 18:9 2160 x 1080 AMOLED display from Samsung.
  • Pricing remains unchanged from the OnePlus 5. The OnePlus 5T starts at $499.

Not only has OnePlus managed to catch up with the rest of the competition, has also brought decent well-awaited changes to the OnePlus 5T.

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What may be disappointing for its enthusiast community would be that the OnePlus 5T still running Android Nougat despite Oreo’s release a few months prior.

Overall, an excellent inclusion. Although I would have loved it if OnePlus save the 5T and released it as the OnePlus 6 to complement the 3T. You don’t want to die with the 4, don’t you?

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