OnePlus Teases The Rear Of The 5T

We Didn't Expect Much From This Upgrade

OnePlus has been releasing upgrades to their smartphone ever since the OnePlus 3T. The company has seen immense success over the years for taking care of its enthusiasts and its brand name recognition. With the company releasing the OnePlus 5 without an unusual wide-screen ratio like the rest of the competition, it seems like the company is looking forward to put the bezel-less request to rest.

When we first heard of OnePlus called their next phone the 5T, we were quite inconsiderate about what OnePlus is trying to pull off with its naming scheme. Its quite obvious why they went with OnePlus 3T last year, but with the 5T I’m parting ways from OnePlus. While OnePlus did skip ‘4’ from their model lineup due to the number being conceived as “death”, I would absolutely hate the fact is OnePlus continues with mid-year upgrades to their existing lineup of smartphones. While many might agree with me, I think OnePlus should have brought these upgrades next year, with the OnePlus 6, that is.

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While OnePlus has pretty much confirmed that the next OnePlus phone would be called the 5T over on Twitter, I do believe that OnePlus may be pulling the 5T off due to the major transitions in display aspect ratios where pretty much every brand is packing beautiful bezel-less displays in their smartphones. Not is the OnePlus 5 being pushed into the corner by the casual audience, but it also would suffer longer if this upgrade didn’t come along. Afterall, OnePlus has to get rid of the hardware they’ve allotted before the OnePlus 6 arrives.

OnePlus 5T Black Back
The OnePlus 5T Teased On Twitter Before Its Official Release

As far as what we’ve seen, the OnePlus 5T is all about the new 18:9 display while keeping the internals the same as the original OnePlus 5. We’ve seen this with Amazon’s OnePlus 5T leak, as well as the tease OnePlus has set off on Twitter recently.

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Let’s just keep our expectations high for double the amount of RAM on the OnePlus 6, shall we?

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