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Early Xbox One X Batches Dying Within Hours

Microsoft has prepared gamers for the launch of the Xbox One X for more than a year. With the console finally releasing last week, fans were eager to pickup Microsoft’s latest and greatest console with great pride. However, it seems though that early batches of the Xbox One X are going bad within a few hours.

The Xbox One X features a ton beast ton worth of performance in a small body. Featuring 6TFLOPs of compute power in such a small body, it needs some serious cooling to back it. Microsoft has implemented Vapor Chamber cooling on the Xbox One X that’s responsible for cooling the internals of the console.

While this may be detrimental for Microsoft, Microsoft is yet to give a statement about the issue as users continue to report their dead Xbox One X consoles on ResetEra. While this definitely seems to be a bad batch, let’s hope that this is a temporary issue that’s about to get better in upcoming batches of the console.

Early launches in tech often come out with such issues in its early stages of life. Whereas a simple lookup online could easily reveal issues with other technology products as well. Let’s just hope Microsoft addresses this as soon as possible.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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