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Microsoft Cuts $50 Off The Xbox One X and Elite Controller

Microsoft launched their Xbox One X a few days ago, their ultimate offering for enthusiast gamers that aims to hit 4K. While it did take a while, Microsoft has been doing all sorts of crazy stuff to keep the enthusiasm of Xbox fans high. From Microsoft’s Design Lab where you could create your own custom controllers, to Microsoft’s greatest controller ever released called the Elite controller. While arguing on the naming scheme is simply out of question, the plans of picking up the Xbox One X bundled with the best controller Microsoft has to offer isn’t an offer you would want to let down.

The Xbox One X Elite Controller
The Xbox One Elite Controller from Microsoft that redefines gaming on a controller. Customize everything from the ground up with the Xbox One Elite Controller.

Microsoft has announced that selected retailers would be offering the Xbox One X and the Elite Controller for $50 off. That is, if you decide to bundle the two only. While you do get the best of what Microsoft has to offer in the hardware department, its all about gameplay. If you’re looking to pickup the two, the controller is available at GameStop and Bestbuy. Bundling the two would cost you about $599 which is a deal that enthusiasts shouldn’t skip on if they were going for the Xbox One X and Elite controller in the first place.

However, for the rest of us, its upto you if you’re really willing to pickup the bundle for as much. Afterall, Sony’s sale is even further enticing in my opinion if you aren’t an Xbox enthusiast.

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