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Huawei’s P11 Rumored To Pack Three AI-Driven Cameras

HUAWEI has had a reputable past with their dual camera setups. With the company branching out into two segments with its main brand and “Honor” branding, the company has done an excellent job at offering excellent dual-camera smartphones for more than a while now. With Huawei’s focus shifting towards AI, especially since the debut of the Mate 10, we’re confident that Huawei would wan’t to enhance their current ideas and take their innovation to the next level with the help of AI.

Huawei P11 Triple Camera Leak
Huawei P11 Rumor Suggests A 40MP Sensor

With the P-series from Huawei being dedicated towards high-end consumers, Huawei would definitely want to equip the best they could in their P-series of smartphones. With a recent leak making its way around the internet, rumors claim that the Huawei P11 would pack triple camera sensors backed by Huawei’s AI technology to capture stunning images. What’s interesting to see is that not only does Huawei simply add an extra camera sensor, but these rumors claim that in tandem, these sensors would capture images at up to 40MP. Additionally, rumors also tout that the Huawei P11 would use the third lens for 5x Hybrid Zoom, a zoom that seems to work in tandem with the other two camera sensors.

Huawei's P11 Rumored To Pack Three AI-Driven Cameras 1

If this is true, we could suppose that Huawei would be sticking to their roots by using the first sensor as a normal sensor while using the second sensor for monochrome images. Huawei has used the second monochrome sensors as an additional sensor to improve image quality on previous phones.

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