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Huawei’s Secret Tablets Discovered, Touted To Sport QHD+ Displays

Huawei has been booming recently in the smartphone market, at least here in Asia. The company has been offering some excellent phones catering the high-end consumer and the mid-range consumer. Huawei seems to be back from its tablet vacation and seems to be working on two new tablets based off of a few UAProfiles that have made their way online.

Rumors suggest that both of these devices could be Huawei’s Mediapad M4 and M4 Lite. Based off of what the UAProfile suggests, the two model numbers of these devices are SHT-AL09 and CMR-AL09. Both devices seem to pack a 2560 x 1600 displays and run on Android 8.0 Oreo. Both of these devices would also come with Bluetooth 4.2 rather than the latest and greatest Bluetooth 5.0. No other specifications were revealed in the UAProfiles as it seems like the device hasn’t spent much time in the development process.

Huawei's Secret Tablets Discovered, Touted To Sport QHD+ Displays 1

Based off of what we found, it seems like the device still has a while to spend developing. As we go further down the road, it seems like the device should be revealed by Q2 2018. If so, it’d better bring some serious competition to Apple. And simply based off of the resolution, we believe the device would be targeting the upper mid-range market.

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