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Logitech G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset Review: A Great Competitor For $55

Logitech is without a doubt one of the biggest peripheral manufacturers competing with the big boys. With the company always on the verge of innovating new ways to separate itself, the company continues to keep its excellent momentum up. Recently, Logitech sent in their G231 Prodigy Headset for review. A headset that could be picked up for under RM209 / US $55.

01 | Design & Build Quality

Logitech G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset Review: A Great Competitor For $55 12

Let’s start off with the build quality of the headset for this review. Logitech is very well known for their durable peripherals and the G231, despite its price, is no exception. The G231 is built of plastic and metal. The G231 employs a sturdy plastic construction throughout the headset with the exception of the headband. The headband is sturdily supported by a sheet of strong metal that spans across both earcups. Logitech has also employed a way to allow users to extend the headset if needed by bridging both metal bands within a plastic shell allowing for incremental extensions.

The G231 comes with a 2m cable that is non-detachable.

If we take a look at the earcups, we could be delighted with how well these earcups are built. Featuring rough, yet ‘airy’ cushioning for your ears.

Logitech G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset Review: A Great Competitor For $55 13

Coming over to the design of the headset itself, I would say I’m pleased to be honest with the design of the G231. The color scheme that Logitech has going on over here with its Grey and Orange theme simply looks like a delight, one that we don’t see as often. Considering that the earcups could be swiveled, I would expect many users to show the G231 off by laying it on their desks. The rough cushioning, while foamy, do do their job well providing excellent comfort while listening through those 40mm drivers.

Logitech G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset Review: A Great Competitor For $55 14

There’s some minimal touches that Logitech employs that simply pleases me, even if though these points aren’t new. On both sides of the headset, Logitech mentions which earcup is dedicated to your left or right ear. On top of that, the way how well Logitech has learnt of the years of how users lay their headsets on their table.

One thing that I do see often and does also bother me is the fact is that the cable of the G231 is attached to the left earcup. Since most PC gamers are right-handed, and also have their PC’s towards their right, this is something I’m looking forward to change. This is something I’ve noticed over time, especially with PCs that employ tempered glass side panels, where you always put them towards the right-side of your desk.

02 | Sound Quality

Logitech G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset Review: A Great Competitor For $55 15

Regarding sound quality, Logitech has made some excellent strides to one up the competition, Since the G231 comes with two stereo earcups, we could expect some decent separation between the earcups. Both earcups employ 40mm drivers. Here’s some specifications of the G231 provided by Logitech.

Driver Specifications

DRIVERS 2 x 50mm

Based on our usage, we weren’t really impressed with the headset. Despite Logitech separating both of the drivers pretty well, the drivers struggled to produce enough sound. Audio produced from these drivers were clear enough but lacked volume. We aided ourselves by enabling “Loudness Equalization” under Sound Properties in Windows 10 and still found that the volume is a bit lacking.

Coming over to the bass of the headset, we absolutely could be assured that, while this is a gaming headet, would be used to listen to music. Bass produced by the G231 is minimal and shouldn’t be your choice if you’re also picky about music. However, when it comes to gameplay, the G231 is a decent performer that won’t light your wallet on fire.

Microphone Specifications


With competitive gaming luring is a slew of gamers, it’s necessary to have good communication with your team. The G231 comes with a uni-directional microphone as well. With the G231, we found absolutely no issues with the microphone. While sound quality does vary from headset mic to another, the microphone on the G231 picked up a decent amount of sound.

When not in use, users would simply tuck it away until its needed again by simply swiveling the microphone upwards.

Logitech G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset Review: A Great Competitor For $55 16

03| Pricing & Conclusion

Logitech has an excellent performer in their hands it seems. Despite it lacking volume, the headset itself seems to be well-built and come with a neat price tag that many would want to dive in for. For its price, I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who’s looking to fork out a bit of cash to enhance their gaming experience. For music lovers, look elsewhere.

We would like to award the Logitech G231 Prodigy our Bronze Award.

Logitech G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset Review: A Great Competitor For $55 17
We would like to award this product our Bronze Award!

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