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Samsung Is Ready To Manufacture 512GB UFS For Future Smartphones

Samsung has a unique space in the tech world. With the company dominating the smartphone market next to Apple, the company has enjoyed massive success in its other departments as well. The company has been very well-known for its excellent displays and memory chips throughout the technology industry.

With the company being very well-known for memory chips, Samsung has announced that they have started manufacturing 512GB UFS for upcoming smartphones. Not only would Samsung take the lead in the storage race, but should also give us some type of confidence what Samsung could have planned ahead with future Samsung devices. Hopefully a 512GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018, who knows?

These UFS chips utilize Samsung’s 64-layer V-NAND chips bringing excellent performance to smartphones and portable devices. In addition to the huge bump in capacity, Samsung has announced a new mapping process that allows them to enhance the speeds on these chips.

In addition, the 512GB eUFS’ controller chip speeds up the mapping process for converting logical block addresses to those of physical blocks, said Samsung.

Samsung additionally added,

The Samsung 512GB eUFS also features strong read and write performance. With its sequential read and writes reaching up to 860 megabytes per second (MB/s) and 255MB/s respectively, the 512GB embedded memory enables transferring a 5GB-equivalent full HD video clip to an SSD in about six seconds, over eight times faster than a typical microSD card.

For random operations, the new eUFS can read 42,000 IOPS and write 40,000 IOPS. Based on the eUFS’ rapid random writes, which are approximately 400 times faster than the100 IOPS speed of a conventional microSD card, mobile users can enjoy seamless multimedia experiences such as high-resolution burst shooting, as well as file searching and video downloading in dual-app viewing mode.

Regarding what Samsung has had planned for 2018 and ahead with these chips, Samsung has announced aggressive production for the chips in the future as we enter 2017.

Source | Samsung

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