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Ubisoft Delays Far Cry 5 & The Crew 2, Confirms A New Release Date

Ubisoft definitely picked up some momentum ever since the launch and reveal of Assassins Creed:Origins, The Crew 2 and Far Cry 5. With the latter two still in development testing the patience of its enthusiasts, Ubisoft has announced that their respective studios would require some extra time to polish both of these titles as Ubiosft’s latest blog post mentions.

With both titles requiring some extra polishing time, Ubisoft hasn’t lets gamers in the darkness. Ubisoft has revised the release dates for both of the titles. The revised dates for the Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2 to the 27th of March 2018 while The Crew 2 will now launch in the first half of Ubisoft’s next fiscal year.

These decisions must have some weight to them. Ever since the Arkham Knight disaster struck on the PC and with GTA V setting an amazing example for itself on the PC, its always nice to see developers polish the title rather than releasing a rough version of their title and then re-work the performance issues with future patches.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

21, Tech Enthusiast, Founder/Managing Editor at GeeksULTD and a stduent at the Holberton School. Passionate about UI Design and competitive Counter-Strike Global Offensive gaming. To contact me, follow me, or even constructively criticize me, contact me however you feel is right!
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