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The Xbox One X Now Supports 4K YouTube Videos

Microsoft has enjoyed massive success with the launch of the Xbox One X. Being Microsoft’s beastly console to take on 4K content, Microsoft has made sure that there’s enough power to push out all of those pixels.

Recently, Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra has announced that the new YouTube app on the Xbox One X now supports 4K content from YouTube. He has advised Xbox One X owners to launch the YouTube app on their console to receive the update. Although, while Mike Ybarra did mention the Xbox One X, the absence of the Xbox One S push for 4K YouTube content left some users questioning if the Xbox One S would receive the same treatment. So far, although unofficial, it seems like the Xbox One S also supports 4K content based off of what owners of the Xbox One S have been reporting on Twitter.

If this is the case, there could be a few reasons why Mike Ybarra didn’t announce the same news for Xbox One S users. Most probably it should be due to Microsoft still willing to polish the app for the Xbox One S. Or, by announcing the fact that the Xbox One S supports 4K would have automatically led original Xbox One to support 4K content on the 2013 console as well. Whatever the fact may be, the Xbox One S is still an excellent console overall.

Considering that YouTube now supports HDR content, what still remains as a mystery is the support for HDR 4K YouTube content on the Xbox One X. If it does, Xbox One X owners would be able to enjoy the YouTube content to its fullest!

If you happen to own an Xbox One S, does your console support 4K YouTube content now?

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