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The DOOGEE V Features An In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Many consumers may have not heard of DOOGEE, the company finds itself in harmony within China. While overlooked, the company is doing its best to bring some innovative devices to the market to set itself apart. And with what they’ve announced today, they’re on the right track.

DOOGEE has recently announced their “V”, yes its called the V. This could be one of the company’s best implementations yet. While not first in the race, it sure is way ahead of everyone else in the league. The DOOGEE V features an excellent display with a flexible full-screen display and a fingerprint sensor that’s embedded under the display.

As The Verge reported last year, Vivo was among the first to bring the concept to like with the help of Qualcomm. Ever since, there has been no news about the development since then. To step up the game DOOGEE’s device seems to be among the first that would be making its way to the market that would surely lead the way for 2018 and the years ahead. In the upcoming years, we should be seeing an immense demand of such smartphones and would most probably be implemented by some of the biggest smartphone giants, Samsung and Apple sooner or later.

2018 would most likely be the year for such technology, and with Qualcomm’s roadmaps lining up to what they have planned out for, its no surprise that we’re already seeing such technology hit the market.

What’s left to see is how well Samsung and Apple look into this. Of course you want to see that new Galaxy S12 with a true bezel-less screen don’t you?

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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