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Meizu’s M6S Leaks With A Bezel-less Design

Meizu has been rising within China lately. While the company is yet to reach Huawei levels of success in China, the company still has its fair share of attention from the community.

The latest leak that has surfaced online leaks what alleges to be Meizu’s M6S. The M6S is definitely Meizu’s budget offering. However, the M6S won’t skimp on the recent design trends that have been taking the industry by storm, a full-view display. According to what the image suggests, the M6S would come with an 18:9 display with a fair share of a chin and forehead. The device seems to be running on Android 7.0 Nougat and would carry a model number of M1712.

It seems like Meizu is looking forward to giving a facelift to the M6S since the original M6 packed a usual 16:9 display. While this isn’t something we haven’t ever seen before, but giving a facelift now just makes me think of why the M6 existed in the first place considering that it was released within the last quarter of 2017.

Based on the internals Meizu decided to pack in the original M6, we could speculate that the M6S would come with similar internals along with a 1440 x 720 display introducing Meizu into the bezel-less party. While Meizu has had a decent record of pricing their smartphones, the M6S should be affordable for many users and should end up in the same price bracket as the original M6. Poor M6 just had 3 months of life before it was succeeded, but hey, its a leak, so lets take this leak with a pinch of salt.

Meizu's M6S Leaks With A Bezel-less Design 1
Via | PlayfulDroid / Weibo

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