DICE To Close Turning Tides DLC With A Final New Map, Zeebrugge

Battlefield 1 has been holding itself up excellently. With the title out on the Xbox One X, PC and PlayStation 4 since October 2016, the title hasn’t lost much of its garnered audience showing how well DICE has kept its audience captivated. With the title being over a year old, EA aims to close the Turning Tides DLC with one final map called Zeebrugge.

Zeebrugge is a new map that would bring The British Empire’s Royal Marines and German Empire to the battlefield. Not only would these two armies collide with each another in a new location, but the new location would also pose a challenge to both sides of the armies with heavy rain, vehicles and the almighty C-Class Airship. Based off of what DICE has set the environment around, the scene is set around the Zeebrugge Raid which took place on the night of April 23, 1918.

Zeebrugge would be the fourth map in the DLC, joining Cape Helles, Achi Baba and Heligoland Bight showcasing an excellent show of variety, tactics and enthusiasm for the DLC and Battlefield 1 itself.

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Since this would be the closing map for the DLC, we would love to see what EA has in store with new DLCs or if they would start working on a new Battlefield title as rumors filled the internet last month.


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