It has been 3 full years since Ubisoft first launched Rainbow Six Siege. The title has gained massive attention from the gaming community due to how remarkably competitive the title is.

Thanks to Ubisoft’s excellent efforts in keeping the game alive, here comes Operation Chimeras, a new operation that brings two new operators to the scene, Lion and Finka. They’re both rated at 2-speed and 2-armor and would make up for some amazing tactics in the game.

While Ubisoft has been doing an excellent job and balancing the game, the abilities both of these operators have do have their downsides as well. On of them is Lion’s capabilities of outlining enemies. Lion has the ability to see enemies through walls once he starts scanning. However, this doesn’t last forever as Lion is able to use his ability three times in a round. Every time Lion starts scanning, the enemy team is notified about his scans and could counter it by staying in the position you are. As soon as you start moving, Lion should be able to see an outline of you no matter where you are.

Regarding Finka, she has her fair share of abilities too. Her abilities include buffing her team mates as well as reviving her team mates even if she isn’t close. On top of that, once she starts using her ability, she gets an extra shot of HP that would prolong her life in certain situations.

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