Sony has created an excellent network of gamers. While Sony’s community isn’t as large as an social media platform, the company’s excellent network has allowed PlayStation gamers to interact with each another through their Sony consoles.

Recently, Sony has announced the launch of ‘My PlayStation’, a portal where PlayStation players are able to do what they are usually able to do on their consoles, now on their phone and PC. On the new portal, PlayStation users can find friends, edit your profile, send messages, and a whole lot more. If you’re on a PC, simply tap into their new website here.

Well, in layman terms. You could access your PSN account and do your general activities through your phone and PC if you’re out or are away from your console. Anyways, its only good for Sony to extend their network. Let’s hope that Sony adds more features into their new portal as time passes by and keep the website updated.

My PlayStation is Sony's new network dedicated to its players.

My PlayStation is Sony’s new network dedicated to its players.

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