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Alleged iPhone SE2 Appears On Video, Its A Glass-Sandwiched 5S

We might has reported about the iPhone SE2 too early last year. While it looks unlikely for the iPhone SE2 to launch anytime soon, a video of an alleged iPhone SE2 has appeared on;ine showcasing what the iPhone SE2 looks like.

Based off of that video is seems like the iPhone SE2 has about the same dimensions as the iPhone 5 and 5s from 2013. However, what’s also noticeable is the fact that this time, this device is a glass-sandwich. The back of the alleged iPhone SE2 resembles that of the recent new color introduced to to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Alleged iPhone SE2 Appears On Video, Its A Glass-Sandwiched 5S 3

While it may look like a cute device at first glance, I would simply feel uncomfortable to see Apple releasing an iPhone SE2 with the body of an iPhone 5. Despite my personal feelings, I wouldn’t be shocked if Apple releases the iPhone SE2 with a last-gen body either.

You see, Apple has found some interest in catering the mid-range market. Despite still officially selling the iPhone 6 officially here in Asia, the company has been offering cheaper iPads by re-using last-gen hardware and bodies for a decent price. The latest iPad is also a great example of this tactic and should also give some form of confidence to users who are still sticking onto their last-gen Apple devices to keep using them for a while.

If the iPhone SE2 follows the same trait, I think Apple should be able to justify the price of the phone just fine. I don’t think many users would mind to see iPhone 7 internals in an iPhone 5S body, would you? Overall, if this leak turns out to be true, I just can’t wait to see what Apple has planned ahead for the mid-range market.

Also, if you’re interested in having a look at a 2nd-gen iPhone SE2 with iPhone X-like body, here’s your chance.

Source | YouTube / MiaoPai

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