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Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Spills The Reveal For The Next Battlefield

EA has always prided themselves for having some of the most intelligent players. Not only is EA considered a Tier 1 Studio, but they’re also very well known for developing some of the very best titles and communities.

The Battlefield franchise has always been one of the biggest areas of attention for EA. Adored by fans around the world, the title has amassed a large audience who are enthusiastic for its gameplay, mechanics and graphics alike. EA, being very aware of who their players are, often adds some crazy easter eggs into their Battlefield titles. Once someone gets a hold or hint of it, the Battlefield community gathers itself to decode some of the craziest easter eggs to decode what’s about to come in the near future.

Recently, a YouTuber, Westie, released a video that analyzed the seemingly suspicious “ISOLEMENT” door in the “Fort De Vaux” map following the most recent update. For the past year, players have been hearing sounds from the door that led to creepy conspiracy theories. Following the update, Westie decided to team up with Battlefield easter egg hunters to decode the mystery. In an empty server, the YouTuber, along with the help and hints of the community managed to open the door that was once blocked by a wooden crate. To their surprise, they managed to open the door after managing to find a number of buttons that spell the word “ISOLEMENT”. Once the door was open, they found nothing, but some extra hints and clues to work with.

Again, after working with the community, a morse code obtained by the sound of dripping water within that room led to a webpage from EA that is now live. The webpage reveals what seems to be the reveal date of the next Battlefield game on May 23rd, 2018.

If EA is preparing to showcase their next title, it’d better be based in the future, not in the past again. I personally miss the old Battlefield 4 days.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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