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Battlefield 1 Has Lost Around 65% Of Its Players In 18 Months

There’s no doubt that the hype for a game dies over time. However, for games like Battlefield, this isn’t always the case. Now, EA makes some of the best modern games today. Whether that’s Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield, Need For Speed, FIFA or any other game.

The Battlefield franchise has always amassed a large audience with its excellent large-scale multiplayer gameplay. Not only has it always featured some of the best graphics, sound quality and gameplay mechanics, but the fact that players could have a shot at making it to the Battlefield with over 64 players often entices the most stubborn of gamers. Since the Battlefield franchise has always captivated its players, we usually expect these titles to last for a while. EA’s Battlefield Bad Company 2, 3 and 4 managed to retain a steady player base for years and even today house a number of enthusiastic gamers.

Their most recent launch, Battlefield 1 seems to be hitting its new low since its launch recently where a number of players have abandoned the game in favor for newer titles. Battlefield 4, a game from 2013 plagued with issues managed to rebuild itself during its final years. Despite the launch of Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield 4 managed to retain a healthy player base and still continues to hold up today.

EA however, is very well aware of the player base dropping with Battlefield 1. Since its initial launch in 2016, the title has lost around 65% of its total player base and seems to be climbing down a steep hill. EA has made some excellent strides by launching a number of DLCs, but seems like as if it wasn’t enough. Based off of the stats recorded by Battlefield tracker, at launch, Battlefield 1 had amassed an audience of over 256K players that now sits at around 41k, and that’s PS4 gamers only. If we have a look at PS4, Xbox One and PC player bases combined, the game has dropped from 569k to 90k since its launch to date.

Battlefield 1 Has Lost Around 65% Of Its Players In 18 Months 1

Even with EA trying to keep Battlefield 1 fresh, it seems like gamers really want something new from EA. Whether that’s with a new Battlefield title that’s expected to hit stores later this year based off of what EA has been teasing and revealing lately.

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Being an avid fan of Battlefield 4, the fairly modern title offered something to relate to. The World War 1 scene was good and all, but never managed to keep my attention. On top of that, the lack of competition within the game led me to move forward. What’s sad to see is that not only did EA release Battlefield 1 with such a stable launch, but also managed to entertain everyone with its excellent storyline which is something the Battlefield franchise hasn’t been very well known for.

If its the next Battlefield title that would change the way how we look at Battlefield franchise as a whole, I would love to see it flourish again. Personally I did love the era that Battlefield 4 showcased, but even so, if next Battlefield is set in the past, I hope they could really introduce some new ideas to keep the next Battlefield enticing.

Anyways, Battlefield 1 is no where near being called dead for now. But if you’re really keen about what Battlefield 1 offers today, how about you hop onto the game once more?



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