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Here’s The Showcase Timings From E3 2018

E3 2018 is just around the corner. We’re at that time of the year again where developers and console manufacturers get to show off what’s coming ahead.There’s a ton of hype surrounding every title and move these brands make and its about to be confessed in front of the world at E3 2018.

As usual, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft would show up at E3 2018. Among the few top studios that would be there include Bethesda, Square Enix, Ubisoft and EA. The showcase would run through the 9th to the 12th of June where we could potentially have our first sneak peak at some excellent games.

So here’s the schedule for the reveal.

EA Showcase

Date: June 9th 2018 | Time: 11AM PDT / 12PM MDT / 2PM EDT

Microsoft Xbox Showcase

Date: June 10th 2018 | Time: 1PM PDT / 2PM MDT / 3pm EDT

Bethesda Showcase

Date: June 10th 2018 | Time: 6PM PDT / 7PM MDT / 9PM EDT


Date: June 11th 2018 | Time: 10AM PDT / 11AM MDT /  1PM EDT

UBISOFT Showcase

Date: June 11th 2018 | Time: 1PM PDT / 2PM MDT / 4PM EDT

PlayStation Showcase

Date: June 11th 2018 | Time: 6PM PDT / 7PM MDT / 9PM EDT

Nintendo Showcase

Date: June 12th 2018 | Time: 9AM PDT / 10AM MDT / 12PM EDT

For me personally, I can’t wait to see what EA has in store for the next Battlefield. While May 23rd is the day that EA has decided to hint the next Battlefield on, which is approximately two weeks prior to E3 2018, EA could have a few more teasers incoming at E3 2018.



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