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EA Reveals Subtle Hints About Battlefield 5, Likely To Set In The Past

This month has been a roller coaster ride for Battlefield 1 players. Not only did EA finally reveal some subtle hints along the way, but EA has finally got the whole Battlefield community together to decode what’s up next for the next Battlefield.

After players managed to get into the ISOLEMENT cell through a ton of decoding, players had finally found out what had lied ahead. EA has finally revealed that the next Battlefield title would be called. Dubbed as Battlefield V, or Battlefield 5, EA seems to be hinting what seems to be another Battlefield title set in the past, WWII/Vietnam War most likely. Based off of what EA has been teasing lately, EA has been very subtle about what they should reveal. Upto this point, not only have the players of BF1 manage to unlock the creepy ISOLEMENT cell, but they’ve also managed to speculate that the next Battlefield title could be set in the WWII era.

Since EA has named the next Battlefield, Battlefield V instead of Battlefield 5, there’s a high chance that we would see Battlefield V set in either the Vietnam War era or the WWII era. While many fans, including myself personally, would love to see a modern day Battlefield title again, it seems like that isn’t the case.

EA will be recruiting comedian Trevor Noah to reveal the game to the audience later this month. Since there isn’t much that’s left to find out, set an alarm or reminder for May 23rd as EA reveals the next Battlefield title in its full glory.

EA Reveals Subtle Hints About Battlefield 5, Likely To Set In The Past 4

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