Counter-Strike is one of the so called “OG” titles that plummeted the FPS gaming genre. While the classic DOOM and Half-Life libraries have been legends, Valve has continuously been supporting Counter-Strike Global Offensive for a while now. With the franchise’s latest installment, Counter-Strike Global Offensive hitting the market back in 2012, Valve has been keeping the competitive title alive and engaging ever since then.

Not only have these five and a half years shown off what Valve is capable of, but has also pushed the Source Engine title from the early 2000s to the present. A ton has changed since then! PC hardware has improves, high-refresh rate displays are now a thing, 7.1 audio is now a thing a ton more, you name it! A lot of these things were barely heard of back in the CS:Source days, but hey, time flies doesn’t it.

The beauty of the Counter Strike franchise has always been its competitive gameplay, game mechanics and its ability to run on modest modern hardware.

With the rise of high-refresh rate displays, a lot of people have been facing issues with Counter-Strike:Global Offensive claiming that the their gameplay appears to be stuttering despite the fact that they’re running CS:GO on high-end gaming PCs.

For those of you who own high-refresh rate (120Hz / 144Hz / 240Hz) monitors and well-equipped gaming PCs, and are experiencing stutters or FPS drops with your Nvidia card, I hope this may help you fix your issue.

After searching the internet for a while, I found a few ways to fix this issue. Here’s how you could fix the issue…

1. Download Nvidia’s Profile Inspector from this link.

2. After downloading it, open it and reset everything by clicking on the small nvidia icon within the program…. and then apply changes.

3. Next, you would want to search for “Counter-Strike Global Offensive” and change Frame Rate Limiter Mode to either one of these

4. Download your drivers. This is really important! With the launch of Windows 10, many users love the fact that they do not have to install their drivers anymore which leads Windows to automatically cherry pick drivers for your hardware. This means that Windows 10 simply slaps a compatible generic driver.

Now, download your LAN, Sound, Headset and Chipset Drivers. This includes Intel’s Management Engine driver as well if you’re rocking an Intel CPU.

5. Once that’s done, launch CS:GO with the following start options
-freq 144 -high -nojoy -tickrate 128 +cl_forcepreload 1 +mat_queue_mode 2

6. Once that’s done, give your system a thorough restart and you should be experiencing CS:GO in its full glory. If that has fixed your issue, you’re done! If it isn’t smooth yet, here’s two things you could do….
a. Either change your frame rate limiter mode.
b. Apply this registry tweak.

If you still have issues, leave a comment below. And if you have had issues in the past with CSGO, tell us if they’re resolved or how you resolved them.

Credits | Reddit

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