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Google’s New Duplex Is Scarily Natural, Will Call Your Barber For An Appointment

We’ve been seeing Microsoft, Apple and Google put a ton of emphasis on AI. All three of these companies have always tried to showcase what a digital assistant could be like. Most people do not use Google Assistant, Siri or Cortana as much, but what Google has pulled off in today’s Google I/O 2018 Keynote will blow your mind away, I mean literally!

Digital Assistants haven’t ever been important to most users. People who often use them often use them to set alarms, reminders or control their household devices. Now, when Google, Apple and Microsoft call their AI technologies, digital assistants, no one ever took them very seriously.

Today, at Google I/O 2018, Google has shown off their new Google Duplex technology that’s about to be a part of Google’s Assistant app. Apart from setting alarms, booking tickets and controlling your household items, Google’s digital assistant will now make your phone calls for you, in the most natural tone ever! Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai showed off a demonstration of Google’s new Duplex technology in action where it called a barber to set an appointment.

Here’s a video clip of Sundar Pichai showcasing the capabilities of their new Google Duplex technology. Let me spill it, it’s mind-boggling!

Google’s Sundar Pichai said that Google was able to learn how to speak naturally over the past decade and has also learned how humans would speak. Listening to the call again simply shows off what an actual assistant would do if you asked them to make your phone calls for you.

Since Google’s Assistant was responsible for calls, it’s mind-boggling to see Google’s assistant reply to random calls.

If this is what Google could achieve right now, I could bet you could call into your school informing the management about your sickness!

I just can’t wait for Google to actually launch this later this year!

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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