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It’s Seems Like The OnePlus 6 Would Bring Massive Improvements To It’s Camera

OnePlus’s is simply adored by tech enthusiasts. Not only does it cater it’s loyal fan base, but it also listens closely to its community. Due to its great value, OnePlus often overlooks the camera quality of its phones.

While most of its releases were great for their value, the one factor aside from gimmicky features that OnePlus didn’t focus on is its camera quality. Their cameras have usually been rated as average by the community and often lack the detail and punch that higher end phones offer.

I think most people would agree that having the same sensor as your competitor doesn’t do much unless you actually optimize it. But it seems like this time around OnePlus could actually have “upped” its camera game. Now, the most recent releases from OnePlus, the OnePlus 5 and 5T brought dual cameras into their lineup, and to be honest, they were pretty average as I expected. If OnePlus actually managed to deliver excellent camera quality without increasing its price again, I think they have a shot at exponentially increasing the hype for their next release.

I don’t think that the way how OnePlus is pushing their marketing forward should impress any tech geek by now regarding its camera performance. I think that people who have been around in the smartphone market for a while would know how to disregard marketing gambles. But if OnePlus is actually serious, I think I would wait for them to actually release the device later this month.

But on the other hand, being a guy who’s excited to see new stuff dropping, I think that this tease, along with the OnePlus 6’s teaser cover image that appeared in a magazine should give us some hope of improvements.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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