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OnePlus 6 To Feature An Upgraded Camera? Seems Likely

OnePlus has prided itself for its excellent budget-oriented flagships. Despite it’s massive anticipation stalking with every release, one area where ‘One’ hasn’t ‘Plus’ed yet is in the smartphone game. Sorry for the bad pun.

OnePlus has always bundled incredible hardware with their flagships. Name the highest-end SoC available from Qualcomm and you have a deal right there. Alongside that, add 8 Gigabytes of RAM into the mix and you my frend have a beast phone. Now, while OnePlus’s hardware-to-value deal may be the full bucket for many, many OnePlus users may agree that it does fall a bit short from its glory due to its camera sensors. With the OnePlus 5 and 5T, we saw OnePlus trying to fiddle around with the dual camera setup trend, but they failed to make a lasting impression with them.

OnePlus 6 To Feature An Upgraded Camera? Seems Likely 4

What sets the Samsung’s and juicy Apples apart from OnePlus by a decent margin has always been in the camera department. I believe that this could be fixed over time, but hasn’t been done yet. You see, the camera sensors in our every devices are very small, yet they make us think twice about picking up a decent point-and-shoot camera. This is due to how well Android OEMs and Apple has focused entire teams to the camera experience optimizing how well their software utilizes and fiddles with the camera sensor. This involves a ton of algorithms and a deep understanding of perceiving real-world environments.

Based on the latest tease from OnePlus’s Founder, Carl Pei, the Chinese-based company seems to be teasing something related to its camera capabilities. In this latest tweet, Carl Pei showed off the front page of a Vogue Magazine. According to Carl Pei, the image was taken by the unreleased OnePlus 6. One may argue that the image taken by the OnePlus 6 could have been cherry-picked in perfect studio lighting conditions, and I wouldn’t disagree either, even so, I would love to see what OnePlus has in store with its camera capabilites. Based off our first-impressions it does seem to be pretty impressive. But hey, we can’t really take their word for it unless the phone makes its way into the hands of our trusty reviewers.

Even so, I have mixed feeling about this release. On one hand I could think of how vaguely they’re mentioning the performance of the camera, and on the other hand, I do know that OnePlus doesn’t have a strong record with its camera performance either.


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