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Video Showcases Uncharted 2’s Cutscenes Broken Down From Angles

The internet is full of maniacs who want to dig deeper into a number of situations. Now, Uncharted 2 was one of the best games released for the PlayStation 3. The studio, Naughty Dog, is very well-praised by its players and PC gamers alike. Despite the exclusivity of Uncharted titles, Naughty Dog’s excellent lineup of titles have always impressed the most stubborn gamers through its excellent storylines and graphics.

Since Naughty Dog is very well-praised for its excellent attention to detail, it would be even more fascinating if we could dig deeper into the game and see what happens behind our backs in the game. YouTuber, Shesez, has uploaded a video showcasing what happens in Uncharted 2 when the views are out of our field of view or limitations, and to see what Naughty Dog had done back in 2009 with the release of Uncharted 2 has simply impressed me as a PC gamer.

The YouTuber showcased a number of scenes and situations in the game that allowed us to see Uncharted 2 from another perspective. Not only did it fascinate us, but showed the immense amount of detail that Naughty Dog had integrated into the game.

Now since replicating what these curious minds have done is pretty much impossible on a normal PlayStation 3 console, the YouTuber had access to all of this footage thanks to a modded PlayStation 3 that his friend owned. This is how they were able to pan and zoom around the map that’s normally beyond our view.

Zooming out of the scene showcased the backdrops of the game and how far Naughty Dog worked. In fact, in some areas, Naughty Dog worked on complete towns to increase the immersion of the game and as far as add some detailed objects that are far beyond anyone’s view.

While Naughty Dog is praised well-enough for its excellent games, but to see this much amount of detail in a game that’s almost a decade old simply fascinates me about what they were able to achieve back then. Can’t wait to see what these enthusiastic developers have in store for the future.Video Showcases Uncharted 2's Cutscenes Broken Down From Angles 4


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