Xiaomi’s about to release their new flagship, the Mi 8. Skipping the Mi 7 all together. As expected from Xiaomi, it seems like the Mi 8 would be no short of a beast.

Images of the Xiaomi Mi 8 have appeared online in some stealthy box work that seems to be screaming what Xiaomi’s about to drop in the upcoming few weeks. As we expected, leaked specs sheets pulled from the Mi 8’s back reveals a Snapdragon 845 SoC, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of RAM being crammed into the sandwich. To keep up with the trends, the Xiaomi Mi 8 would also support 3D infrared face recognition. This means that this face recognition technology should be as complex as Apple’s Face ID rather than using a mere camera to unlock a phone as most manufacturers are touting about nowadays.

Image Via SlashLeaks

Now what really new about the Mi 8 seems to be its Dual-GPS system, among the first of its kind leaks suggested. Now, as we expected as well, there would be an absence of a headphone jack since the box clearly mentions that consumers would find a USB Type-C to Audio cable to listen to their music. Further digging into the leaks also revealed that the Mi 8 would also feature a notch at its top to imitate the iPhone X, a trend I have been hating lately. On top of that, there would be a few intriguing colors at launch as well. So far, we’ve found a blue Mi 8 but we’re expecting a few standard colors to land as well when it launches.

Image via Slashleaks

Regarding pricing, I think that the Mi 8 would retail for under US $449 given Xiaomi’s history of launching affordable flagships. If that’s the case, I think Xiaomi should have another excellent device up their sleeves for the budget market.

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