Xiaomi’s Smartphones Have Made Their Way Into The UK

Xiaomi has enjoyed massive support in Asia. Their affordable smartphones don’t only offer a reliable experience, but are also very well-known for packing excellent internals for the price.

According to recent reports, Xiaomi is officially making its way into the UK. However, Xiaomi’s smartphones would be sold by UK’s Celluar Carrier, Three. This means that not only would this be an official launch from Xiaomi, but should also pave the way for Xiaomi to expand its empire into surrounding European countries.

The Chief Digital Officer at Three UK, Tom Malleschitz, had a few words for their partnership with Xiaomi. He said:

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“We have been watching Xiaomi’s success from afar and impressed with the huge range of connected devices that they currently offer.”

He further added…

“This partnership provides us with another leading brand in our smartphone range and also opens the door for innovative new connected products that we can provide to Three customers in the future. So watch this space!”

What should be exciting for consumers in the UK is the fact that Three UK intends to bring Xiaomi’s current entire lineup into the UK. This means that consumers in the UK should have an excellent budget device within their reach. These devices should include Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 5, Mi MiX 2, Mi A2 and their upcoming successors.

If Xiaomi manages to entertain the European smartphone market, this means that Xiaomi would have some type of strong ground prior to the release of their upcoming Mi 7 and various other devices.

What’s left to be fulfilled by Xiaomi is to expand its lineup of smartphones into the US and other American regions. Not only would Xiaomi’s competitors face some fierce competition, but should also allow Xiaomi to export its household devices too. Let’s hope that Xiaomi’s plan to launch into the Americas is worthy enough, especially when it comes to the pricing of these devices.

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