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Dual Cameras Aren’t Coming To Google’s Pixel 3, Reports Suggest

Google incredible strides in moving technology forward has been very well received by everyone. Rumors of Google’s third-gen Pixel device have started to murmur around the internet speculating what the next big thing from Google is going to be.

Since Google amasses the majority of smartphone devices with their own software, Google has managed to understand what the community really wants. The company’s current flagship was well-received, managed to take some of the best pictures in the competition, had dual-front facing speakers and ton more. However, the launch of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were plagued with burn-in issues on a number of displays. While Google remained fairly quiet on the subject, many people did not mind what Google had just launched here. Google has made itself quite a share of memes when it threw some shade at Apple’s iPhone 7 back in 2016 when they removed their headphone jack.

The latest report claims that Google could be packing a single camera on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL yet again. Last year, Google mocked some of its competition when it said that it doesn’t need a second camera on its rear thanks to Google’s excellent AI technology. So far, Google’s Pixel 2 series of devices have managed to outclass many of its high-end competitors even if we’re talking about portrait shots.

If Google’s going the same route again, we should be looking at some excellent improvements across the board yet again. Can’t wait for Google to unveil their beasts later this year.

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