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Fortnite’s Performance On The Nintendo Switch Is Really Appealing, Runs At 30FPS

It came as a surprise when Nintendo officially announced that Fortnite is coming to the Nintendo Switch. After the tremendous success Fortnite managed to pull off this year, the game has been booming on all forefronts. Similar could be said about the success of Nintendo’s latest hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch.

As we reported yesterday, Nintendo Switch players would be able to queue in with every player from the supported platforms, expect for Sony’s Playstation 4. This means that players who are willing to jump into the hype on the Nintendo Switch would essentially be able to play with PC gamers, Xbox One players, iOS players and Mac players.

So, let’s talk about the performance the game offers on the Nintendo Switch, shall we? Now the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console. Having a docked and portable mode is definitely handy. However, this does mean that you’re losing on some performance. When docked, the Nintendo Switch often allows some extra headroom for the console to perform at its best and also improves the resolution and/or the framerate of the game. Based on the analysis below, it seems like Fortnite runs the game at 30FPS regardless of its mode. While docked and while hand-held, the game runs at 30FPS. What differs lies in the resolution these consoles run the game at.

The Nintendo Switch supports dynamic resolution. Therefore, allowing the game to quickly switch between resolutions based on the load of the game. According to the analysis done by the channel above, the both consoles manage to achieve their highest resolution at times. When under load or when you’re in a complex environment, the console starts to degrade the resolution a bit to maintain its framerates.

According to the analysis above, it was found that, when hand-held, the lowest native resolution the Switch dropped to was 768×432. Through temporal upsampling, the device managed to full in the 1280×720 area. Similarly, when docked, the lowest native resolution the Switch dropped to was 1093×615. Pretty respectable for a device on the run.

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If you’re wondering about how well the graphics compare to consoles and PCs, there’s a huge gap in terms of graphics, draw distances and resolution. However, what the Switch achieves is definitely respectable and achievable for its screen size.


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