It Seems Like Xiaomi’s New AI Assistant, Xiao AI Would Be Exclusive To Chinese Users

Xiaomi has just revealed their new Mi 8 and its family of devices. Alongside that, as the rumors speculated, we now have MIUI 10 to play with, a custom ROM that has built Xiaomi from the ground up.

Xiaomi also introduced their new AI assistant with the launch of MIUI 10. Dubbed as Xiao AI, the Siri-like AI assistant seems to be a Chinese exclusive inclusion that would be relevant to native Chinese speakers. While Xiaomi hasn’t clearly hasn’t said it, Xiaomi’s latest MIUI 10 trailer excluded the part where they showed off Xiao AI in action in their Chinese MIUI 10 trailer.

It seems like Xiaomi’s partnership would be pushed forward from Microsoft’s side with the help of Cortana. Otherwise, globally, everyone has the option to opt for Google’s Assistant which is far more smarter than Xiaomi’s new AI assistant, Xiao AI.

If this was a bummer to hear and Chinese is your native language, Xiaomi has a Chinese ROM of MIUI 10 that has Xiao AI built-in.

Other than that, I do that that there should be some form of AI working by itself since Xiaomi has credited some massive performance improvements to their new AI capabilities, if so, there shouldn’t be much to worry about.

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