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Nintendo And Microsoft Threw Shade At Sony’s Lack Of Crossplay In The Minecraft Trailer

Microsoft and Nintendo have been brewing some excellent plans. With the launch of the Xbox One S, Microsoft made it clear, that crossplay is going to be a big thing. Fast-forward two years to the present, it seems like Microsoft has been teaching its Japanese apprentice how to get into the crossplay club.

Ever since Microsoft started making this a reality, Microsoft has had several Xbox One releases that had crossplay compatibility between both, Xbox One and PC players. On top of that, Microsoft’s crossplay plans took it a few steps further too. Not only were PC players able to compete with Xbox One players, but they also shared progresses and required you to purchase the game once one of the either platform.

Microsoft’s history with Nintendo has been pretty quiet, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer does often find himself praising Nintendo. After Sony pulled out of the whole Fortnite feud, both Nintendo and Sony decided to team up and actually throw some shade at Sony after Nintendo released a trailer announcing that the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One now have crossplay enabled on them. This means that players from either platform could play with each another in harmony. The collaboration between Nintendo and Xbox simply meant that they had the chance to throw some shade at Sony. At the end of the trailer, the trailer read:

“Survive Together | Better Together”

Nintendo And Microsoft Threw Shade At Sony's Lack Of Crossplay In The Minecraft Trailer 4

After that went down, soon Nintendo tweeted about the exciting news and the internet gathered to chime in. Nintendo tweeted:

Hey @Xbox, since we can play together in @Minecraft now, did you want to build something? – Nintendo of America

Of course, players had Nintendo’s back on the matter. Afterall, Sony’s decision of locking out Nintendo Switch players was more than outrageous. Items that players had purchased were no longer accessible for players on the Nintendo Switch if you had a PlayStation 4 linked to an Epic Games account.

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