After initial rumors were rejected about Fortnite coming to the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has officially announced that Fortnite is coming to the Nintendo Switch today. The company’s announcement came as a surprise to many fans as they couldn’t wait to experience the most popular game of the year on the Nintendo Switch.

The game is currently available on the Nintendo Switch for the “usually Free” price tag on Nintendo’s E-Shop where players could easily jump into the action and play with everyone regardless of their platform…. that is, except for Sony. A developer who’s working on Fortnite confirmed the news when he was asked about the platforms the Nintendo Switch would support cross-play with.

This means that Nintendo Switch users could jump in with players on PCs, iOS devices, Macs and Xbox One players. Unfortunately, Sony has opted out of the deal. Therefore, Nintendo Switch players won’t be able to queue with PlayStation 4 players. And based on how strict has been about the whole cross-play thing, I would doubt that they’re willing to change their mind anytime soon.

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