Nvidia’s Next-Gen GPU Is The GTX 1180, Expected To Retail For $730, Reports Suggest

PC enthusiasts had a ton of hype on their shoulders earlier this month at Computex 2018 for Nvidia’s Next-Gen GPUs. After feeling a harsh setback after Nvidia kept quiet about their next-generation batch of GPUs, it seems like the leaks have started to fill into our souls.

The latest leak comes from a well-known YouTuber, Gamer Meld, who claims that he has received some pretty reliable information regarding Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs (aka Turing). His report claims that Nvidia’s next batch of GPUs to succeed the GTX 1080 would be the GTX 1180. He also reported that the GTX 1180 would most probably pack 8GB of GDDR6 memory. These new GPUs are said to support Microsoft’s mysterious DirectX 12.5/13 and ray-tracing.

These next-gen GPUs are most probably going to be codenamed after Alan Turing, a well-respected computer scientist.

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Considering that Micron and Samsung have announced that they’ve started mass production of GDDR6 chips recently, we could be pretty confident with the fact that these new GPUs could be coming with the new technology and could be the reason why Nvidia had been delaying the launch for a while now.

Lastly, the GTX 1180 is expected to retail for $720-730 US, according to the report, and would be available by the July 30th. If this is true, I’m sure that a lot of enthusiasts would rethink twice before purchasing these cards. The GTX 1080 from 2016 launched with an MSRP of $599 is most regions, that too for the AIB cards.

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