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OnePlus To Launch The OnePlus 6 In Luxurious Red, Looks Killer

OnePlus has without a doubt killed in it in the design department with the launch of the OnePlus 6. The company announced that the phone would be coming in three colors and a limited edition Avengers OnePlus 6. Each of these phones look really unique and attractive at their price points.

Update 2/July/2018: Added YouTube Trailer

At launch, the OnePlus 6 came in three standard colors, Midnight Black, Mirror Black and Silk White. All three of these phones looked distinctive from one another as well as hit a home run in the aesthetics department. Just as it seemed like OnePlus was done with its homework, OnePlus teased that a new OnePlus 6 color was coming to the mainstream. Over at Twitter, OnePlus tweeted

“Now initiating: C61422. Do you wish to continue?”

If you’re unaware, C61422 refers to an HTML hex code often used to describe a color. Soon after that, in collaboration with MKBHD, they teased the phone in its full glory. The phone is said to be revealed by July the 2nd which is about 48 hours from now.

The phone looks killer indeed, especially with all the shiny bling! The device would most probably be available for a limited time as well may come with a bit of a premium tag over the usual OnePlus 6.

OnePlus To Launch The OnePlus 6 In Luxurious Red, Looks Killer 4

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