Ubisoft Lays Out Plans For The Crew 2, Promises Major Updates Every 3 Months

Ubisoft’s about to reveal the successor to The Crew, a racing title released back in December of 2014. Fast-forward three and a half years later and we have the successor to it, dubbed as The Crew 2.

The Crew 2 was first teased by Ubisoft back at E3 2017. The studio promised to expand on the experience as well as diversify the gameplay experience in The Crew 2 over its predecessor. The Crew 2 would take races to new heights. This includes racing with boats, exotic cars, motorbikes and planes.

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Now that we’re nearing the final launch of the title almost a year after it was first teased, Ubisoft has decided to talk about what they’ve planned to work on with the launch of The Crew 2.

Among the prominent foundations Ubisoft has planned to lay out with the launch of The Crew 2 is the fact that it would receive recurring free major updates from its launch. According to them, they said that this would…

….expand the game’s experience, enrich its world and bring new disciplines, modes and features.

They further added…

In addition to major updates, two new vehicles will be added to the existing line up each month.

“Gator Rush” would be among the first batch of updates to hit the game three months into its launch. This update would allow players to race on all sorts of terrains and surfaces allowing players to master their vehicles. The Gator Rush update would also introduce five new vehicles to the lineup as well as unlock the new “Legendary” rarity level on performance parts.

Players who order the Season Pass of the title would be entitled to have access to a few perks. These perks include access to three exclusive cars on Day One as well as access to new vehicles a week before they arrive with their monthly updates. A few more perks include an exclusive house location, VIP 20% off the game store as well as two exclusive outfits.

The Crew 2 is set to launch on the 29th of June 2018 on all major platforms. These platforms include the Xbox One family of devices, PlayStation 4 family of devices as well of PCs.

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