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A New Massive Sniper Is Coming To Fortnite, Dubbed As The ‘Heavy Sniper’

Fortnite has finally reached its peak. Keeping its player base active and enthusiastic is yet another challenge for the developers. Following the massive success the title has garnered over the past year, its not hard to see how well this cartoony-like Battle Royale game has lasted for a year. Over the past year, Epic Games has made some massive changes throughout the game. Every 100 days, a new season drops that carries a new storyline with it. Alongside that, a number of updates are released that bring in new emotes, characters, bug fixes and even new guns.

Dataminer, FNBR Leaks, has just leaked that there is a new sniper coming to the game dubbed as the heavy sniper. This new sniper, at first glance seems to be an overpowered sniper that could change the way people snipe in the game. We’ve already seen Epic Games play around with SMGs. However, with this addition, it seems like its time for snipers to get a checkup as well.

Of course, if our speculation about it being overpowered is true, it would be likely that this sniper would be very rare and would be very unlikely to come across. Alongside that, Epic would definitely put some work into balancing the sniper as well.

Judging by the time of the leak, it seems like we aren’t that far off from the sniper’s release. Hopefully, we could be able to see the sniper with the next update of the game when it rolls out. Courtesy of FNBR Leaks, here’s how the sniper sounds like when scoping, reloading and shooting.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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