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AMD To Clear Threadripper CPUs With Massive Discounts, Next-Gen Incoming

AMD has been making some amazing runs ever since the launch of their Ryzen range of CPUs. Following the success of Ryzen, AMD launched Threadripper for prosumers.

AMD’s Threadripper was an instant hit it took down Intel’s suite of professional-grade CPUs. Intel has been trying to hit AMD back, but it seems like AMD’s taking the slices away from Intel at this point due to its excellent performance and massive price cuts over Intel’s offering.

As we anticipate for AMD’s next-gen Threadripper line of CPUs to hit the market, AMD has slashed the prices of its existing CPUs as enthusiasts brace for impact. As first noted by Legit Reviews, AMD has slashed the prices on the Threadripper 1950x, 1920x and 1900x, that’s 16 core/32 thread, 12 core / 24 thread and 8 core / 16 thread CPUs, respectively.

Threadripper 1950X – 16 cores / 32 threads —$699.99
Threadripper 1920X – 12 cores / 24 threads—$619.99
Threadripper 1900X – 8 cores / 16 threads—$299.99

These are some massive discounts over their original MSRPs where they launched for $999, $799, and $549, respectively. Even if you were to buy these CPUs at this point, it’ll be worth the price if you’re actually willing to use them for the right tasks.

If you aren’t into the prosumer level of CPUs, AMD has an excellent range of Ryzen CPUs as well that are much cheaper than these are considering that you’re willing to save a few hundreds.

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