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Apple Starts Offering Free Repairs For Devices Damaged In Japanese Floods

Apple definitely has a strong customer support record. They’re support, along with their excellent series of devices have allowed Apple to stay on top of the game for more than a while now.

The company is very well known for launching and retailing expensive devices and making a ton of anti-consumer decisions. But, considering that Apple has earned a name for itself and has built a strong reputation for building some of the very best ecosystems, there’s no wonder why Apple is widely accepted by most people, especially loyalists.

Recently, it seems like Apple is making some excellent steps to ensure that every Apple device that has been affected by the floods in Japan is functional. Originally spotted by Japanese website, MacOtakara via Macrumors, Apple would be repairing Apple devices submitted to them for free by the end of September. This means that anyone with an affected device could simply call up Apple Japan as long as they reside in Japan and that they’re device has been affected by the floods. In case you missed out on Apple Care and that you haven’t insured your device with Apple, time to fork out some cash.

But nonetheless, this move from Apple has to be applauded. Major props to Apple from the team here!

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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