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Asus’s Zenfone 5Z Makes Its Way To The US, Retails At $499

Someone definitely hit Asus in the head. Whether that was with a brick or something else, we should be thankful for the moves Asus has been making lately. The Taiwanese company has recently been swinging its baseball bat for more than a while swooping the likes of Xiaomi in its way.

Asus’s latest flagship, the 5Z has definitely been catching the attention of budget enthusiasts. For a while, it seemed like Asus had lost its roots after the launch of their 2nd generation of Zenfone devices. Their switch back to killer pricing for the enthusiast community has to be applauded. The Asus Zenfone 5Z packs everything you would expect from the likes of Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus and more. The Zenfone 5Z packs the latest and greatest Snapdragon 845 SoC, 8GB RAM and a FHD+ display for $499. For that price, Asus is basically giving even the likes of Xiaomi and OnePlus a sweat to break. This intense competition that Asus intends to bring to the market again shall revitalize its position in the Asian market again. Impressive stuff indeed.

For the US market, Amazon suggest that the device would retail for US $499, an excellent price indeed. While Xiaomi still has a similar contender for a lower price, this launch has definitely alerted both, Xiaomi and OnePlus. Only time would tell how far this rivalry would take us. For the consumers, us, this is definitely an amazing move that we really had to see given OnePlus’s recent price hikes.

Asus's Zenfone 5Z Makes Its Way To The US, Retails At $499 4

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