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Cooler Master’s Invitation To All Of Its PC Hardware Rivals Has To Be The Best Thing In Years

Cooler Master definitely has a stronghold on the PC market. Its excellent range of PC keyboards, mice, cases and all-in-one CPU liquid coolers has allowed the brand to build a name for itself.

Recently, the company’s Twitter handle went on to invite all of its brands to participate in a giveway. Brands such as MSI, Nvidia, Corsair, NZXT and more decided to chime into the discussion. Cooler Master started by inviting Corsair into the discussion by asking if Corsair would like to bundle in a mouse along with Cooler Master’s keyboard for the giveaway. Alongside that Cooler Master asked the brands if to tag another brand into the discussion as well which allowed quite a few PC game publishers to jump in too.

Hey if we giveaway a keyboard will you give away a mouse? Pay it forward, tag another company to add a 3rd component and so on. Let’s see how happy we can make one very lucky person! <3 #pcmasterrace – Cooler Master Twitter

So far, pretty much every single PC manufacturer is on board including Mionix, Vertagear, EVGA and more. However, it seems like Corsair isn’t interested as Corsair hasn’t replied yet to the tweet. NZXT was also found digging into the humor as well, but it seems like NZXT’s also signalling a no-no.

@NZXT How about you come join the party instead? – said Cooler Master

NZXT replied back with:

Puck it!

Then AMD jumped in:

This rig is going to be awesome! Let’s give it even more power with a Ryzen 7 2700X!

When Cooler Master asked NZXT to chime in with some humor, NZXT said “Puck” it, referring to the the NZXT puck that allows users to hang their headsets on their PC.

Since this is a quite a giveaway of a lifetime, the person who would win this complete setup has to be the luckiest person alive, that’s for sure! The whole discussion continues to ramble on Twitter, definitely take minute off to see all of the replies that these brands are making to enjoy the whole picture. You definitely won’t see this again, that’s for sure!

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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