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Fortnite Hits Its First US $1 Billion In Revenue

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
Usman Abdul Jabbar
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Fortnite has definitely propelled the battle royale genre to the next dimension. The game has managed to amass over 125 Million players over the course of 12 months.

Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite proved why it isn’t important to sell games all the time. The close bond between the developers and its community has made people wonder why no other developer has done this in the past. The success of the game could not only be attributed to the fact that the game was free, but the fact that the game was capable of crossplay across every gaming platform, that includes, mobile devices. The game also sparked a ton of controversy when Sony disabled crossplay for the Nintendo Switch.

Since the game is free and the game has a ton of support backing its updates, Epic Game’s main source of income is through the in-game items. There’s a ton of stuff players love to spend their money on. From new characters, to a few emotes. Basically, all the purchases are simply cosmetic and serve no competitive edge.

Recently, SuperData, a market research firm revealed some interesting details about Fortnite’s success over the past year. The company claims that the game devs have made over US $1B over the last year and would continue bringing in some more cash over the course of 2018.

Fortnite Revenue | Credit Superdata
Fortnite Revenue | Credit Superdata

Since the Battle Royale genre has exploded thanks to the introduction of PUBG and Fortnite, the data research firm is quite assured that the genre wouldn’t show major signs of slow down over the course of 2018. The company. The company also reported that there are an immense amount of viewers too. That is, about 574M people watching streams of the game.

Since Fortnite just announced the 5th Season of the game, its likely that the Fortnite effect would last longer than many would suspect. Considering that now Epic is considering to add a few easter eggs and a ton of story to their Battle Royale mode, the discussion about Fortnite won’t end anytime soon.


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