High Quality Real-Life Pictures Of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 Leaked

Samsung definitely has a lot of homework to do. Samsung’s approaching its tock with the launch of the Note 9 next month. At this point, no one’s expecting Samsung to roll out some major changes with the Note 9.

So far, with the help of leaks and rumors, we’ve uncovered a ton of incremental improvements Samsung’s about to roll out with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 this year. However, we were yet to see some actual images of the device in action.

Recently, images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have appeared online revealing what the device looks like in real life. The “leakster” who was responsible for leaking the device published some high quality images over at a popular Chinese forum called Weibo enhancing our confidence in prior leaks. What’s interesting to note is that the device shown in the picture is actually the US variant of the device despite the origin of the leak. This means that this variant would sport the oldie goldie Snapdragon 845 SoC that’s we’ve become familiar with this year.

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What’s left to verify with the official launch of the device next is the inclusion of a much larger battery, much improved camera technology and the fact that it comes with a funky dual-tone set of colors.

Regarding the leaks of the S-Pen and its ability to perform some special functions, that seems to be pretty legit and we’re confident that it’s leaks were actually true.

Since there isn’t much time left before Samsung actually unveils the device at the Unpacked event early next month, we could be assured that the leaks aren’t going to slow down anytime soon. By this point, all I could hope for is for the legitimacy of the leaks to reign true.

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