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HTC Shuts Down Operations In India, Plans To Move On With VR

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HTC has to be one of the most influential brands during the birth of Android. The brand brings nostalgia to many due to its excellent, yet wacky looking devices at the time. The driving force that HTC gave to Android paved the way for other OEMs to jump in.

Today, three of HTC India’s top execs revealed the sad news to The India Times. After failing to meet the competition from the top dogs and the newly erupted Chinese competition. For now, HTC hasn’t completely ended its operations in India. They still have about 10 workers in their office working for the company considering that HTC does have a few debts to clean off with many Indian distributors.

“HTC owes money in several crores” – said a distributor via the The Times Of India.

Since HTC has also been very keen at pushing virtual reality as well, its likely that the company would continue in that field.

The invasion of Chinese brands in India has definitely given the brand some massive blows. Alongside that, the lack of marketing really gave distributors a hard time moving HTC’s devices forward into the market. All of these factors could lead to the demise of HTC globally. But considering that HTC hasn’t completely given up, the company could also re-enter the market at a later date.

This is definitely some sad news. When Chinese brands such as OnePlus and Xiaomi came along, it not only impacted the likes of HTC, Sony and LG, but it also impacted the likes of Samsung due to their aggressive pricing strategies. Finding Samsung continuously keeping its audience engaged allowed it to remain at the top of the premium flagship game. While the likes of Xiaomi at the mid-range to low-end finally removed the floor underneath HTC’s devices.


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