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Huawei Gains Massive Traction In China, Leads Oppo, Vivo & Xiaomi, Smartphone Market Research Suggests

Huawei is now a major player in the smartphone market. What seemed like a random Android brand out of the bloom has now converged into a massive player in the smartphone market. Huawei’s devices have reached a point where the brand is able to captivate almost every single audience, whether that’s with its main brand or their budget-oriented brand called Honor.

According to a market research study conducted by the folks over at Canalys, it seems like Huawei is gaining more traction than ever in the span of a year. Over the span of the year, it seems like the company has gained 27% of the Chinese smartphone market share. Over the span of the year, the company has seen an increase in shipments by over 22%, eventually putting itself at the top spot in terms of total units sold.

Following Huawei’s lead at 27%, Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi trail close behind at 21%, 20%, 14% market share, respectively.

The market research firm also noted that Huawei’s Honor sub-brand contributed by 55% from the complete sales. This means that Huawei’s strategy is working very well. Given that the highest-end Honor device can compete with their own Huawei flagship for quite a bargain, Huawei has definitely made sure that their own devices don’t clash with themselves. That means that the main brand’s flagships contribute about 45% of the sales for the company. Impressive indeed.

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