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Microsoft Announces FastStart For The Xbox One, Play Games Before They’re Done Downloading

Not everyone is blessed with a decent internet connection in 2018. With digital game sales taking quite a slice from games stored on physical media, players have to bear with their ISP to allow them to download their favorite game all the time.

Recently, for Xbox One players, Microsoft has announced FastStart. FastStart allows players to play their digital games while it downloads in the background. This means, once you start downloading a game, the critical parts of that game are downloaded first, followed by the rest of the game. Once you’ve downloaded the critical parts of the game, you should be able to play part of the game while you’re impatience sips water.

Now, FastStart isn’t no new innovation. In fact, we’ve been seeing it most commonly with EA’s Origin platform on the PC for quite a while now. However, with the addition of FastStart making its way to the Xbox One, it seems like Microsoft could bring the feature to the Microsoft Store for PC gamers as well.

However, there’s a few games that support this new implementation for now and we do expect the list to grow in the new feature. On top of that, to take advantage of it, you actually need to have an internet connection with a download speed of over 20Mbps. Games that do support FastStart would clearly mention that they have FastStart enabled when the game starts to download.

Definitely some great changes ahead with the new Xbox One Dashboard update for July. Can’t wait to see what Microsoft has in store for the future of these consoles as we head deeper into 2018.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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